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Austin Coté Williams...

...is a mad man.

Austin Coté Williams
22 May 1982
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I made this journal in hopes of getting some of the clutter out of my head, and as such have decided to organize it as best as possible. When ever possible, if I write an entry that refers to a person place or thing in my life that I've written more about elsewhere, I add a link to that post so that you can read more if you're interested, or even simply say "who's this John person that he keeps talking about?" *click* "Oh, I remember now! That guy!"

If ever there's something or someone that you think I should write more about, let me know.

I'm occasionally write short stories, take photographs, write poems, write songs, and generally do other creative things. Don't be surprised if you hear about them here.

I occasionally become obsessed with a project for a few weeks at a time and despite the fact that few if any people on my friends list care about it, I will make posts regarding it. feel free to ignore these.

If you're just a random person reading this who's taken the time to read this far, I demand that you at least comment in my journal saying hello.

If you really want to know more about me, here's some posts that you can read to get to know me better:

Me - 08/06/2004
More will be added.

Additionally, I have a second journal (TheirOwnLives) Dedicated to my photography, which is widely accepted as being better than "eh" but not quite "Oh My God!"