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Aug. 7th, 2016 @ 07:49 am Being a human is weird
Being a human is weird, but a lot of that weirdness is a result of social rules that other humans came up with well before I was born. I wish I lived in a society that could opt to discard social rules that it's grown out of, much in the same way that a lizard is able to shed its skin. But unfortunately *part* of being human is having those social rules ingrained into your being during your formative years - No matter how much you try to reject them, they'll always be there, lurking in the darkness.

The only solution to fixing this situation is for each of us to work to recognize the parts of society that have been ingrained into us while we were growing up that run counter to the society that we hope humanity will some day achieve, and then do everything within our power to ensure that those parts of our being do not become ingrained in our children as well. ...And then to hope with all our hearts that other humans have recognized the same failings of our current society, and are also working to ensure that those bits do not end up ingrained in *their own* children.

This is a high hope. It is unreasonable to expect that we will all have the enlightenment necessary to work toward this end, and even more unreasonable still to believe that even if all of us did, we would all recognize the same facets of ourselves as being toxic to the future society we hope our children's children will some day live in.

...But another part of being human - a part that I do not think our race will ever be able to discard - is fostering hopes that are beyond the unreasonable, and striving for them regardless.
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