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Jun. 4th, 2016 @ 10:30 am Baby Sitter's Club Dream
I had a dream that I acquired a set of all the books in the "Baby Sitter's Club" series. I didn't really want them, but they were super cheap. I had never read any of them, so I picked up one of the books from the middle of the series and started reading, just to get a better idea of what kind of things they were about.

The entire plot seemed to revolve around Princess Leah and Kosmo Kramer, now divorced, trying to get along amicably for the sake of their two jedi children.

And I kept pointing this out to people and asking them how it was possible for the book to be about this without the publisher getting sued for copyright infringement, but everyone I talked to just kind of waved it off with an explanation that the entire series was just full of stuff like that and it was perfectly normal, and that maybe if I had read them as a kid I would understand.
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